Blasphemer Fest Clagenfurth heads into the 2nd Edition

On the 5th of January, 2018 the black flame will be lit again at Klagenfurt’s leading venue ((stereo)) for the second edition of This is the second edition of Blasphemer Fest Clagenfurth, presented by Goatkult Productions.

This is an interesting announcement for all Austrian fans of some brutal and dark tunes. Armed with the Carinthian Black Metal band Nocturne – who will be having their record release show there, Blasphemer Fest Clagenfurth II is going to make the ice cold winter a bit more bearable with its domestic line-up, including the Styrian veterans Asmodeus, Theotoxin from Vienna, the up and coming Death/Trash Metal band Church Of Necrolust from Carinthia and also the North Italian band Hellmetall.

So if you’re around in Klagenfurt and you want to support the local Black Metal scene, make sure to save the following date:

Friday, 05/01/2018 – ((stereo)), Klagenfurt (AT)


Tickets available at
Source: Goatcult Productions

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