Björk – Vulnicura


Released: 16/03/2015 ISL

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Talking about diversity and stuff, Björk’s long-awaited ninth studio album “Vulnicura” got its physical release some days ago!
Well, I think I can say that this record belongs to my most-anticipated ones of 2015 so… Let me tell you what I think…

Stonemilker” is the track that welcomes you to “Vulnicura”. Already reminding me of Björk’s previous records… You know… “Homogenic” and “Vespertine” in particular, but still more symphonic in a way…
Well, what do you want me to say about this one? What do you expect from me? And I wonder what this review will be about if I’m already completely out of words during the first track.
We’ll see…
The awesome opener flows into the “Lionsong”. A track only Björk could pull off. Her distinctive songwriting is showing here. Interesting and rather unexpected musical structures… Yep, in this song you can find probably everything what I like about the music of this lady from Iceland.
The next track called “History Of Touches” got me with its simplicity. Let’s stay simple too. You’ll hear yourself anyway.

The longest piece on “Vulnicura” goes under the name “Black Lake” and hell… What a song! Have you checked the video to it? If not… Do it. I don’t think you’ll regret it. Adds even more to the feeling of it. And yet again… What else you do you want me to say about this?
It continues with “Family” and I’ll admit that I could never concentrate on this one after hearing “Black Lake”.
Family” is a dark one. Almost in the likes of “Biophilia”. At least until the sudden string-part kicks in… Confusing the fuck out of you.
Björk can be very good at confusing her listeners.
And why did I think about “Pluto” from “Homogenic” during this one?

Notget”… Yep, another favorite of mine.
And then there’s “Atom Dance” featuring Antony Hegarty and when compared to the other songs on “Vulnicura”, there isn’t too much happening here.
With “Mouth Mantra” coming up, I have to point out that “Vulnicura” is one of the hardest albums to review too. I just can’t get my words together for this. Not even after the 10th time listening to it. Well, I never heard of a Björk record that would be easy to review, so… Doesn’t matter!
The final tunes of “Vulnicura” belong to “Quicksand”. And also here you can hear something which makes you recall some events of “Homogenic” again… Forming a perfect ending… A perfect blend of melodies… A perfect finishing touch for a record like “Vulnicura”.



If there’s any female artist that I fully respect, it’s definitely Björk. Enough said.
Vulnicura” is an album you have to let flow through you. It doesn’t work well if you just give the 50% of your attention to it. Uhhmm… No, “Vulnicura” doesn’t work at all if you don’t give the other 50% of your attention. Yep.
It’s not the album you should listen to if you want to get into Björk’s music and you might not find strong and groundbreaking tracks with hit-potential like on “Homogenic” for example, but that doesn’t matter. It doesn’t take the beauty away.
Summary? “Vulnicura” was definitely worth the wait.

Personal favorites:

  • Stonemilker
  • History Of Touches
  • Black Lake
  • Notget
  • Quicksand

Take a Listen:




Written by Misha Nyman – Sometime in March 2015

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