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Release: 24/11/2017  ISL  |  

Creepiest album cover of 2017? Check! The legendary songstress Björk has dropped a new album and we’re here to tell you how magical it is. Do we really need to do that? Yes, we do. Here’s “Utopia“.

It all begins with “Arisen My Senses” and you can expect some otherworldly transmissions getting poured right at you. Now that was an opener par-excellence… Epic and orchestral in an unusual way while combining some Industrial elements, “Arisen My Senses” will throw you out from the track. “Utopia” seems to be that album we’ve been waiting for this year… It’s clear now.
Blissing Me” was released as the second tastemaker from this record and this track is a complete opposite of what we’ve heard on “Arisen My Senses“. And then you’ll hear “The Gate“. The first single and the track that made us all fall in love with Björk‘s music over again. 

“And I care for you… Care for you…” 

This piece has rendered us speechless on the very first listen. After “Vulnicura“, Björk has proved to be stronger than ever with this track.

A neo-classical and somewhat twisted composition is what you could describe the title track “Utopia” as, and then you’ll hear “Body Memory” that almost stretches across 10 minutes. “Body Memory” will bring you back to the vibes of Björk‘s 2001 album “Vespertine“, but this one is… It’s like walking through a dark forest on a cold night while being scared for your life.
You don’t need to understand what’s happening. Neither do we. Hell, nobody knows what’s happening here… But it’s fucking intense. 

Features Creatures” receives bonus-points for its lyrics and on “Courtship” you can expect to hear some surprises. We won’t tell you! Expect to hear some Industrial elements again on “Losss” that make this track hit really hard, “Sue Me” – Honestly, isn’t that like the best song name ever? – manages to turn this record called “Utopia” around in a way you wouldn’t expect it to… You don’t even want it to take such detour, but there’s nothing you can do. You are amazed by the impact of “Sue Me” anyway and rightly so.

Tabula Rasa” lives up to its name and you suddenly get to the calmer, peacefuller version of “Utopia” again…  Will we ever understand the concept of this record? Cause “Claimstaker” comes up next and you can get ready to get mildly confused again… And the orchestral arrangements in the background reminded me of an older song by Björk too… Moving on to “Paradisia“, this short interlude throws you right into the soundscapes of “Saint“.  Future Forever” follows. And you’re left alone in the dark. Unsure about what you just listened to. But that’s okay. 


Take A Listen: 

Personal favorites: 

Arisen My Senses
The Gate
Body Memory
Sue Me 

  • 9/10
    Björk – Utopia - 9/10


Utopia” is… Everything you want it to be. And at the same time, it’s everything you don’t want it to be… It’s almost like something out of this world and we all kinda expected Björk to do it this way. Goosebumps-moment delivered by “Body Memory” and moments of absolute darkness brought by tracks like “Losss” or “Sue Me” make “Utopia” stand out and unfold in the most unexpected way.

It’s an album you’ll either end up loving on the first listen. Or something you’ll end up despising until the end of all times. Or an album, that you’ll never wrap your head around.
It’s all up to you.
And Björk has still got it.

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