Bilderbuch – SCHICK SCHOCK


Released: 27/02/2015 AUT

The surprise of the year?
Yeah, most likely.
Bilderbuch (German for Picture Book) are from Vienna. They’re from Vienna and they show no compromises when it comes to their music.
After two Alternative Rock albums, the guys decided to rewrite the Austrian history of Pop and their third album called “SCHICK SCHOCK” came out on the 27th February.
Now… “Wer oder was ist ein ’SCHICK SCHOCK’…?!” – Don’t worry, Your Dead Partner will find it out for you.

If you’ve been around in Austria, then I’m pretty sure you’ve heard “Wilkommen Im Dschungel” (“Welcome To The Jungle”) on the radio. At least I did once… But I didn’t know it’s Bilderbuch.
You have a funky bass-line… A catchy brass hook… And that one guitar solo in the intermission… Yep, Bilderbuch did a good job on the opener.
Feinste Seide” (“Finest Silk”) comes up next and… I wish you could understand this band’s lyrics. Anyway, this is one song that will describe what “SCHICK SCHOCK” is about. And “Zuviel Hitze im Tiefkühlfach” is a line that the late Viennese Legend Falco used in one of his songs too.
Track number three… The single called “OM”… And no, it can’t get any better, can it?
What is quite interesting about the new musical style of Bilderbuch is their combination of German and English words in their lyrics. Almost in the same way as Falco did.
But in comparison to Falco – who did all of this in the 80s, Bilderbuch sound too natural nowadays.

Bilderbuch manage to make you smile during “Spliff” and the intro of the title track “Schick Schock” can be translated into something like this:

“Say it aloud. You’re going after my butt.
Say it aloud, scream it, admit it.
You’re behind my butt.
I feel it in your fingers.
You’re going after my butt.”

What the hell, right? You can’t believe what you heard either, right? I didn’t at the first listen. But still, “Schick Schock” ended up being one of my faves from “SCHICK SCHOCK”.
I like those WTF-moments Bilderbuch bring on this album. I don’t think there currently is some Austrian artist that would dare to do something new. Something like that…
Softdrink” comes up next and here you’ll hear some rapping too. And the last part naming all the softdrinks just… FUCKING KILLS IT! In a good way.
At one point you wonder how high this band is when writing songs or lyrics.
“Alright, alright, okay!”

Another single track! “Maschin” aka the-yellow-car-video-song. Get the music video reference?
Anyway, here it becomes obvious that Bilderbuch actually have Indie Rock roots. And that chorus…
Finally another Austrian band worth listening. Finally I can say something like that…
The following song called “Barry Manilow” is… An odd one and that’s probably everything I can say about this. But hey! You got lots of autotune here!
Rosen Zu Plafond (Besser Wenn Du Gehst)” (“Roses To The Ceiling (Better If You Go)”) belongs to another faves on “SCHICK SCHOCK”. And that whistle-part during the chorus is probably the weirdest thing I ever heard.
And also here the band’s musical background gets quite obvious.

Next on!
Plansch” (“Splash”, could mean “Plunge”) has something quite experimental to offer. And the lyrics are again fucking awesome.

“If you’re scared of the future, buy a pool.
If you’ve got everything, buy another pool.
If you have too much money, throw it into the pool.
If you’ve got everything, go drown in the pool.”

Then we’ve got “Gigolo”. Bilderbuch doing a blend of Disco and Pop-Rock. Well, I could actually skip this one. I’ll admit it.
The last song of “SCHICK SCHOCK” is called “Gibraltar” and… That one’s quite a grower in the beginning as you won’t get what’s happening. It takes a bit until “Gibraltar” feels one with the rest of the album, but it gets better, actually.



Bilderbuch deliver a statement with “SCHICK SCHOCK” and Austrians should notice that.
It’s been a long time since someone dared to pull out something new here and Bilderbuch are on a very good way.
SCHICK SCHOCK” is a… Fucking weird album, actually – Well, the title says something.
It’s a fucking weird album that gets better with every listen you take… That shows you different facets with every listen…
I enjoyed it.

Personal Favorites:

  • Feinste Seide
  • OM
  • Schick Schock
  • Maschin

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Written by Misha Nyman – Sometime in September 2015. 

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