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Hello. Yes, you heard it. Bilderbuch are back with a brand new album called “Magic Life” and you know what’s gonna happen. Or not…
Anyway, in 2015 the Austrian band released their break-through album “Schick Schock” which was one big commercial success and one would expect the band to follow up on the record somehow.
In this review we will learn whether “Magic Life” is a worthy follower of “Schick Schock” and we will also tell you our honest opinion.

Carpe/Diem” is just s short intro, so we will get straight to “I <3 Stress”, which was also one of the singles taken from “Magic Life”. At first you’ll be astonished by how weird and unusual this track is. Bilderbuch tried to go in the more controversial direction, but that just doesn’t work out. What the fuck is even happening on this track? Parts of it are completely absurd and… Well, I think you need to be high to actually enjoy it.
Sweetlove” follows and sounds like a drunken jam session by a bunch of not-so-talented musicians. Was that intentional? Whatever. It doesn’t really sound like state of the art.

You can forget about the short intermission called “Baba 2” and get ready for the only one halfway listenable track on “Magic Life”. It’s “Bungalow” and I think it’s kinda cool they mentioned the Czech car manufacturer Škoda. Well, this one is pretty funky and cool when compared to the other tracks you can find on this record. Yes, I said it.
Sprit N’ Soda” comes up next and… Again… What’s happening here? What is this band smoking? And why doesn’t anything make sense here? But the part from 2:24 to 3:12 was pretty impressive though. It was impressive, but not memorable enough.

The next thing you can expect to hear is called “Erzähl Deinen Mädels Ich Bin Wieder In Der Stadt” (“Tell Your Girls That I’m Back In Town”). Well, let’s face it. Jay-Jay Johanson told the girls that he’s back in town back in 1996 and he did it with style.
Bilderbuch do basically the same in 2017, but it doesn’t work at all. The arrangement is so nerve-wrecking it will make you skip the song at the first possible occasion and that’s not cool.
And then it’s time for “SUPERFUNKYPARTYTIME”! UUUUHHH!! CAPS LOCK!!! LOOK AT THAT!!! But well, Bilderbuch actually tried here. “SUPERFUNKYPARTYTIME” is quite heavy, but the repetition of the word “party” made me hate it. The suffering is real. And even “Investment 7” won’t make things easier. The drum pattern will drive your crazy just as the chaotic remainder of the song. Moving on, moving on.

And we’re moving on the another intermission “Magic Life” and… Yes, that’s what acid sounds like.
Baba” comes afterwards and it’s probably the most normal song on this record. Thank God for that. But still, it failed to impress me. In fact, it didn’t impress me at all. But hey, I could actually follow the song structure! For the first time on this record!
With “sneakers4free” it gets evident that Bilderbuch were taking something when working on this album. No problem. But there are bands who actually manage to make music of different quality when high… If anything, this track will make you laugh from how pointless it is. And we all can’t live without free drinks.
The last track you’ll hear on “Magic Life” is “Babylon” and… Let’s go. We should kill ourselves now. My nerves are officially wrecked after this one. Thank you.




From 8/10 to 4/10. That’s quite a drop.
As I mentioned earlier, Bilderbuch tried to take a more controversial approach with “Magic Life” and controversial things need to be done perfectly in order to work. Unfortunately, this didn’t really work out and “Magic Life” turned out to be a chaotic mess rather than a good album.
I didn’t understand the thought behind this record. Do I need a degree in music theory to appreciate this record or do I need drugs? Anyway, seems like Bilderbuch had their 15 minutes of fame with “Schick Schock”, which beats “Magic Life” in every way. But let’s appreciate the fact that the band didn’t try to do “Schick Schock vol.2”.
Bilderbuch are still a great live band nevertheless, so let’s just hope the new material sounds better live.

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Personal favorites:

  • Bungalow
  • Baba

★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆ – WHAT WAS THIS? Come on… We heard better.


Written by YDP Collective. February 2017.

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