Big Pharma – Freedom Juice



Released: 01/04/2016 FIN

Let’s have some trivia before we start out… Big Pharma is the solo project of Jussi Ylikoski, the guitarist and songwriter of Disco Ensemble and I think I don’t need to explain further, because pretty much everyone here will know what’s going on when you mention Disco Ensemble.
Anyway, the debut album of Big Pharma is bearing the name “Freedom Juice” and today we’re gonna take a listen to it!

“Give me some Freedom Juice” is the line that will guide you through the highly addictive title track. This one has been around for quite some time already  and if you need something to hype your party-playlist up… Here it is!
And if you think that this is everything this record will offer you… Well, there’s “United By The Night” coming at you afterwards! Featuring Ville Malja of Lapko.
It’s quite a grower in the beginning. But once you let it sink in… This one will probably hit you right in the feels. Trust me.

Suburban Trap” comes up next with Heikki Petrell from Stockers! providing vocals for this one, being one of the first highlights on this record. Speaking about highlights, we shouldn’t forget “Bloods Unite” (feat. Ringa Manner), which is just plain epic and that’s pretty much the best way of describing it. Believe it or not.

Freedom Juice” follows with “Midnight Call” and now the shit just got real! I don’t know about you, but “Midnight Call” seems like an ultimate Big Pharma track for me. It incorporates pretty much everything I expected from this project and there’s something extremely catchy about it.
Ever wanted to know how Disco Ensemble would sound like if they’d play Disco? “Fucking Live It Up” will answer all your questions.

If you followed Big Pharma for a bit, you’ll notice that the first six tracks on “Freedom Juice” were released as singles over the past few months, so the next tracks will be a surprise for you.
Smoke” is going to grab you with its everything already at the first listen and the next big thing that awaits you is definitely “Centerfold” – Go and take a listen for yourself. That’s probably the only thing I can tell you.
And if you loved “Midnight Call”, then you’ll enjoy the next track entitled “Trust Is My Middle Name” too!
Freedom Juice” comes to its final turns with “Roll N Twist”. A piece that will definitely keep your mood up. It kinda sounds like a soundtrack for an obscure video game.




Big Pharma is a fresh contribution to the Electronic genre, delivering something cool and interesting with “Freedom Juice”.
It’s a solid record definitely worth checking out and it won’t leave you cold. And even if you don’t particularly enjoy Electro music, you’ll still find songs that will speak to you – which is an awesome thing!

Personal Favorites:

  • United By The Night / Bloods Unite
  • Midnight Call
  • Smoke
  • Centerfold

Take A Listen:




Written by M. Nyman-Sramkova. April 2016.

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