The Best Songs Of 2017 – YDP Edition

2017 was so great, even HIM called it quits! Anyway, we’re sure you’ve been dying to know about our Best Of 2017 list.

Everybody is doing it, so we jumped on the bandwagon for once and created the only Best-of-2017-list that matters. We’re not even exaggerating.

You can expect to hear 20 absolutely badass tracks from artists that were featured on Your Dead Partner throughout the past 12 months as well as some new musical discoveries we made on the way.
And don’t worry, we didn’t forget about our live favorites and the artists we discovered and fell in love with at festivals!

There you go:

1. The Mobile Homes – It Used To Be Fun

Okay, the video might be absolutely wacky (Oh hello, Batman!), but we love it about the same way we love this track by the Swedish Synthpop troupe The Mobile Homes. The single “It Used To Be Fun” became a smash-hit at our office during late summer. Mostly because it actually is fun…


2. Mammút – The Moon Will Never Turn On Me

Kinder Versions” by Mammút would end up quite high in our Albums Of The Year ranking. If we’d do it. We’re not. But instead, their song “The Moon Will Never Turn On Me” ended up in this list. Because why the hell not?


3. Dallas Kalevala – Moon Makes Me Happy

We do not need to remind you that this single by Dallas Kalevala is like a diamond, but in a sonic form. Just the same way as we don’t need to remind you that they’re killing it live, right?


4. Indochine – La vie est belle

Just as some of us have a love/hate relationship with Indochine, we definitely have a love-relationship with this track. But it didn’t make some of us regret their failed French classes and the fact the only thing they can say in French is “La voiture est bleue“…


5. Mew – Candy Pieces All Smeared Out

This song is about as surprising as the whole new album by Mew. It has some James Bond vibes too.


6. Disco Ensemble – Afterlife

Another of these quite high-ranking albums would be “Afterlife” by Disco Ensemble. So, here’s “Afterlife“. The song. Pretty much one of the best songs by Disco Ensemble to date. What do you think?


7. Kraftklub – Fenster

must be the hottest band of Germany. And “Fenster” was one of the hottest tracks on their latest album “Keine Nacht Für Niemand“.


8. Pariisin Kevät – Kuume

We absolutely loved the 2017 album of Pariisin Kevät and its title-track “Kuume” was just… Pretty hypnotizing. The fever was and it still is rising again and we had it playing nearly on repeat. Not surprising, is it?


9. Olympique – R.O.F.

You and me… We know it. Austrian mainstream bands are not all too interesting and you have to dig deeper in the local music scene to find something like Olympique. Their anticipated sophomore record “Chron” came out in fall and its first single “R.O.F.” pretty much says it all.


10. Ember Falls – Rising Tide

No matter what you think, we think that “Rising Tide” by Ember Falls is a great song that could work well across many genres. And the chorus is pretty insane.


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