Bendik – Fortid


Released: 26/02/2016 NOR

The Norwegian music scene has a whole lot to offer and not many people are aware of this fact. Let’s admit it.
Our latest and most notable discovery from Norway goes under the name Bendik and has recently released her third album “Fortid”.
Is it worth checking out? Definitely!

Kriger” radiates with energy, making a perfect opener for “Fortid”. The bold voice of Silje Halstensen will catch you along with the straightforward chorus, the musical background playing around with Indie Rock and Electropop elements. We couldn’t wish for a better opening here.
It follows with “Bli her”. Another powerful and catchy track which will etch itself in your mind – but then you’ll hear “Det er din skyld”. A track which incorporates everything Bendik’s music is all about.
There’s the melancholy. The glimpses of hope. The feeling of breaking free. And perfect songwriting.

The next track bearing the name “Tusen dager” was catapulted to my personal favorites already at the first listen. I don’t even remember why exactly it happened. I can’t tell you. But what I can tell you is, that you should take a while to check this one out.
Another highlight on the record is “Evig limbo”, so you better watch out for this one as well!
Siste gang” is the first single coming off “Fortid” and is just… Cute?! No, that’s a bad word. But again, it brings another couple of memorable moments with it.

Ingenting” and “Hun” are… Well… There’s nothing really groundbreaking there. Nope. And then “Jeg lover” comes up. Another track you should check out. No matter what.
Fortid” comes to its last turns with “Feil” and… We shall not speak now. We shall just enjoy this one. And that’s all. For now.



The music of Bendik is something unique and “Fortid” makes you want to get lost in it.
It’s a strong and beautiful album, which will catch you with its everything, but I personally missed a special spark there.
What I thought during the whole duration of the album was a monotonous “Yep, this was great!”. Nothing else. No big emotions. But still, nothing got boring. It was great.
Fortid” is an album worth checking out nevertheless.

Personal favorites:

  • Kriger
  • Tusen dager
  • Evig limbo
  • Jeg lover

Take a Listen:


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