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Arch Enemy @ Komma, Wörgl – 31/05/2015

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“About War Eternal and the reasons why I stopped going to non-underground Metal shows”


This Sunday was all about Metal in the Tyrolean town Wörgl. One would think that this style won’t find much followers in western Austria, but in fact it’s completely different.
The Swedish Death Metal band Arch Enemy was on that evening and the well-known venue Komma (hosted bands like Sabaton, Powerwolf, etc. in the past) had a good reason to be filled to the brim. And it’s understandable. Why sit at home when you can go and see Arch Enemy instead?

So first of all I gotta say that Komma does a very nice job organizing shows for the bigger names in Metal and it’s always a pleasure to stay there. It’s probably the best venue in the whole region when it comes to slightly bigger concerts.
And this proved itself once again.

Anyway, the evening started with Silius. A band hailing from Landeck, Tyrol.
Their show wasn’t neither surprising nor groundbreaking and the amount of people checking these guys was quite low.
Silius didn’t even surprise musically. Nope. And the fact that I didn’t understand a word the lead singer said between the songs (for your information: Yes, guy was speaking German, with a thick tyrollean dialect though) didn’t make it better.
But they still managed to heat the crowds up for what was next to come.




The German Thrash Metal band Drone delivered another semi-ok show. Not disappointing and not really something where you’d have the need of having to see another gig. Let’s move on!




At this moment I felt overall misplaced at the venue, reminding myself of why I actually turned my back to all these Metal things.
I simply don’t feel that you can contribute to Metal nowadays without sounding like a copy of something else that existed long before you. One can’t put anything new into this genre anymore and it’s always a surprise when I discover a Metal band that’s actually worth it.
But with all Alternative Metal and Progressive bands there’s still hope on this scene.




Soon it was time for Arch Enemy to hit the stage of Komma and the anticipation from the crowd was big. It was visible (and audible) that the band indeed has lots of fans in the venue and that marked the whole mood this evening.
Experiencing this band at last year’s Masters Of Rock festival in Vizovice, I already knew what to expect from Arch Enemy and all my expectations for this concert were gladly met again.
Songs like “Yesterday is Dead and Gone”, “War Eternal” and “You Will Know My Name” could be heard that evening and Komma saw basically the same thing what I saw at Masters Of Rock 2014. But instead of 20.000 people there were fewer lads packed in the venue.
There isn’t anything negative to say about all this.

But you know what I missed? Some honesty.
I really miss bands that are honest with what they’re doing.
At some points I really thought that even the worst show I saw in the last few weeks (Mew in Strom, Munich on 28/05) brought still more enjoyment to me than Arch Enemy did.

And that’s probably the reason why I decided that Your Dead Partner will throw the point of interest at the more Alternative sides of Metal when we’re already talking about it.

Enjoyment factor:

Arch Enemy aren’t necessarily a band everyone should check out. If you’re somewhere near and wanting to see some bad-ass show, why not? But be sure you enjoy this type of music. It can get boring in the end.

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