From Wörgl with Love and not only Black Metal

Amorphis @ Komma, Wörgl (AT) // 02.12.2015

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As you probably know, Finland’s finest Metal-Band aka Amorphis are on an Eurotour with Nightwish and Arch Enemy as we speak.
Still, Amorphis had a stop in the small Austrian city Wörgl to give a headline show in Komma.
I guess I don’t really need to introduce this venue to you anymore. It’s the coolest venue you’ll probably find in western Austria. Seriously.
So what went down on the 2nd of December? Let me see…

The Tyrollean Black Metal band Asphagor was announced as a support and I’ll admit that I was quite curious for what’s about to come from these guys since I never heard about them before.
If you name your band Asphagor, people expect you to play Black Metal and that’s pretty much what we heard.
Their sound reminded me strongly of Dimmu Borgir at parts, but unfortunately the show didn’t really have the hooks, which means that I barely remember seeing a band called Asphagor in the first place.




Anyway, let’s get away from the Black Metal cliche, shall we?!
Next on was the band everybody was patiently waiting for.
Amorphis kicked off their show with “Under The Red Cloud” from their latest album bearing the same name.
Sacrifice” and “Bad Blood” came up next and the crowds of Austria even got to hear a couple of songs from “Circle” as well as the band’s hits “Hopeless Days” and “House of Sleep” during the performance. And oh, “Silver Bride” was on the set as well!








Having seen Amorphis twice this year, I really have to say that they delivered something extraordinary every time. Their shows are definitely worth seeing and you’ll thoroughly enjoy it.
This band knows how to do it and if you haven’t had the chance to catch them live… Well, now you know what to expect.

(Disclaimer: I wrote this at 3 am in the morning.)

Enjoyment Factor:
Very High

A must-see for every lover of live music.

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