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Released: 04-09-2015 FIN


2015 treats music lovers really well, what do you think?
The new Amorphis record bearing the name “Under The Red Cloud” belongs to the most anticipated ones between Metal fans this fall and of course I had to check it out as well.
So what does “Under The Red Cloud” bring with it and will it top any of the band’s previous albums? Let’s have a look…

The title track opens the album with a keyboard intro that builds up into the classic vibe which makes Amorphis unique in their style. “Under The Red Cloud” delivers a classy beginning and it all follows with “The Four Wise Ones” which was quite a grower on the first few listens.
As much as the previous song didn’t get me, “Bad Blood” just blew me away with its excellent chorus and not only that. I have the feeling that everything I ever liked about Amorphis can be found there.
The Skull” is yet another piece that could be described as classic Amorphis material.

The single-combo of “Under The Red Cloud” starts with “Death Of A King” which is not far from being a masterpiece. But hell, this one brings quite some memorable moments with it.
The next single called “Sacrifice” is probably the biggest highlight on the album together with “Dark Path”. Guess there’s nothing else I could say about these two outstanding tracks.
Enemy At The Gates” reminded me of something I already heard on the previous albums of Amorphis and “Tree Of Ages” with some folkish elements to it definitely won’t leave you cold either.

Under The Red Cloud” comes to its final spins with “White Night” and that one was quite a surprise for me as it had something to it, that wasn’t really typical for the sound of this band. A spot in the personal favorites list is more than deserved here.
The album’s bonus tracks are worth to mention as well. Especially “Come The Spring”, so be sure to not miss out on those.




Under The Red Cloud” met my expectations and I’ll mention that it’s the first Amorphis album I really enjoyed from the start ever since the release of “Skyforger” back in 2009.
You can’t find any track that would disappoint you or let you down as “Under The Red Cloud” offers quality songwriting – Just as we’re used from Amorphis.

Well, I’m already looking forward to hear “Under The Red Cloud” live on the 2nd December 2015 in Wörgl, Austria and you should definitely check it out as well if you happen to be near.


Personal favorites:

  • Bad Blood
  • Sacrifice
  • Dark Path
  • White Night
  • Come The Spring – Bonus

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Written by M. Nyman – September 2015

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