Amorphis – Queen Of Time
Released: 18/05/18 FIN |

If I have to do an honest review of the new album by the Finnish Metal band Amorphis called “Queen of Time“, I wouldn’t know where  to start. This album isn’t just some music, I think it’s symphony for our ears.
I never have one opinion and even though I haven’t been to Finland, their music has always been close to my heart. So let’s check this bad boy of an album out!

To crawl inside the chosen skull….”

Let’s start with the opening track “The Bee“. On the first listen, when the track starts, you may have some doubts about this and that. In the first seconds you can hear some electronic/synth elements, which nicely surprised me. I love that and I’m able to say that it was a nice idea. It brings some kind of a feeling of going into the unknown with it, which makes it an interesting experience for any listener. Maybe for die-hard Amorphis-fans too.

The next track is called “Message In The Amber“, here you can truly hear the symphony of the Folk Metal and the hearts of metal fans will be very, very delighted by this song. And maybe not only the hearts but the ears too. Someone might not be too happy with the first part of “Queen Of Time“, but the next tracks “Daughter Of Hate“, “The Golden Elk” and “Wrong Direction” will definitely speak to those of you, who enjoy some dynamic music.

“Your heart is eternal…”

Would you like to experience some eargasm and/or some weird feeling during the listen? The track “Heart Of The Giant” is everything you need now! You will find great vocals, dynamics and a choir-like atmosphere. As with the other songs “We Accursed“, “Grain Of Sand” and “Amongst Stars” (you have to see the video here!) I’m able to say, that the album is a strong experience. But “Pyres On The Coast” takes the experience you have until now to a whole another level and the bonus tracks “As Mountains Crumble” and “Brother and Sister” wrap it up nicely. If you have the right mood, you can also check out the video of the track “Wrong Direction“.


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Personal favorites:

Daughter Of Hate
Grain Of Sand
Amongst Stars

  • 5/10
    Review - 5/10


Queen Of Time” is a very epic piece of quality music. That has to be said. But I don’t think I would be able to listen to this album on a regular basis. I can’t say that I didn’t like it, but I didn’t love it either. I think that depends on the person listening to this record a his or her perception of the music and what he expects from it a lot.
Amorphis as band is great, yet slightly different from others. I have to go and check out their show sometime, but “Queen Of Time” didn’t necessarily make me their biggest fan. You either find that “special something” in their music right away or you don’t.