Amorphis live in Wörgl – 02/09/2017

Déja Vu moments and tinnitus to the max |

It’s storytime once again! Welcome to another RedBull induced concert report. As you surely know, Your Dead Partner went to check out Amorphis in Komma Wörgl (probably the coolest venue in Western Austria. Make sure to pay a visit if you’re around) on September 2nd and this report will be all about what went down on that cold and rainy night. Only happy when it rains, right?

The evening started with a local band from Innsbruck. They went under the name Relinquished and they seem to have quite a fanbase. The first time I heard about Relinquished was when another band I shot promo pictures for mentioned they’re gonna play with them sometime during summer – Necessary to say I was gladly surprised when I heard that they’re gonna support Amorphis in Wörgl and I was kinda looking forward to see their performance which turned out to be semi-okay.

The heavy guitar walls sounded very unstructured, but the vocalists sharp screams and charismatic stage-presence made up for the noisy background. The intro of one track sounded a bit like “Down With The Sickness” by Disturbed, but it quickly changed into something completely different and brutal. But it was the last song Relinquished has played that woke some interest in me for its rather progressive songwriting patterns.

The dudes seemed to be a tight-knit unit that surely knows how to handle their genre, but the only downside was the sound. The band’s music sounded like some sick noise 99% percent of time and you can probably guess what I want to say with that. To keep things short and juicy, let’s just say that Relinquished didn’t disappoint, but they didn’t manage to surprise me either.
Or maybe I’m wrong and don’t really understand the whole Metal thing anymore. I don’t know.
But anyway, big thanks goes out to Relinquished for the tinnitus. It’s gonna follow me for a bit.

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The evening’s headliners Amorphis followed soon after and seriously, do you still need me to tell you that this band is one of the coolest live bands from Finland (along with some Alternative Rock acts I don’t want to mention)? No, you don’t. Go and get some tickets for their next show after reading this if you still don’t believe me, okay?
The Kalevala inspired band started off their set with the title track from their latest record “Under The Red Cloud“, followed by “Sacrificed” and “Sampo“, the latter taken from the band’s 2009 record “Skyforger“.

I don’t really remember the setlist from the first time when Amorphis played in Wörgl back in 2015, but I felt that it was pretty identical and there were some déja vu moments during the band’s show. Especially during the “Tales From The Thousand Lakes“-part of the set. But hey, you don’t really care when you’re thoroughly enjoying the show.
Singles like “Hopeless Days” and “Silver Bride” couldn’t be missed and the true highlight of the performance started with “House of Sleep” – The ultimate hit track which didn’t leave to crowd cold. Every time the audience chanted “You don’t know nothing yet” caused quite some goosebumps to come up and it became clear that there’s still something magical about “House of Sleep“. Even after years.

Amorphis have done it again and they proved that they’re still on the top of their game. Do you really need to know more?
Check out the gallery below or follow this link for some shots from the band’s performance – I allowed myself to experiment a little while shooting. Insert a smiley face here.

Thanks to everyone who made this happen. You’re all keeping the dead partner alive in a way. Lots of love!

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