“Alt godt” – Listen to the new Ljungblut track now!

Last Monday saw the release of the magical, new single “Alt godt” by Ljungblut.

Yes, we’re sharing this track here with a great delay, but don’t worry. We did not miss out on that. That would be a crime. Two parts of Your Dead Partner were freezing their brains off in Stockholm last week while looking for inspiration. And honestly, this track played quite a central role during that trip.

If you’re a seasoned reader of this webzine, then you might’ve noticed that we enjoyed “Ikke alle netter er like sorte” – the latest Ljungblut record released in 2016. We enjoyed it a lot. On the first impression, “Alt godt” seems to be on a similar wavelength as what you can find on that album, but it goes more in an up-close-and-personal-and-vulnerable kind of direction. You figure that out later. Also, it has a twist and it’s up to you to find out where it lies.
You can try walking through a strange city on an ice-cold night while listening to this track. The feelings will be priceless.

In other news, Ljungblut recently signed to Karisma Records. Guess we can expect to hear more material soon.
Amen to that. ✨🙏🏻



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