Welcome to Your Dead Partner. We greet you on our board.

Founded back in 2010 as a DIY-magazine by three fellow students from an art high school, Your Dead Partner had one mission from the start: To spread the word about non-mainstream Metal bands unknown in Austria and bring their music closer to the readers.
And years later, after God-knows-how-many changes, the mission remained the same – More or less.
Your Dead Partner isn’t a print magazine and we don’t write exclusively about Metal anymore. Because everybody writes about Metal and it’s fucking boring. 

Nobody over here cares if you’re playing Rock, Electro, Pop or if you’re from the dark fields of Black Metal, for example.
Simply put, if you’re cool enough, your music will most likely end up on this music webzine.
Alternative is probably the best way of describing us and yes, we are the coolest webzine of the universe and the best one from Austria. And we care about you and the music. 

Your Dead Partner is honest. And that’s all you need to know.
Now take a look at that one person responsible for keeping the Dead Partner alive for seven years and counting. More info about her can be found upon clicking that wonderful picture…

  M. Nyman-Sramkova | Read her articles | misha@yourdeadpartner.com

Currently, there are two active contributors and two co-partners (involved in things like concerts, but more on that later) doing stuff for this webzine.
If you want to contribute to Your Dead Partner with your reviews, shoot us a message.
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We love you. 
Love, The Partners.