6 Must-See Artists at Lost In Music 2017 – Day 3

From Rock, Indie, Metal to Pop and some truly obscure finds… There’s pretty much every genre present at this festival going under the motto “Every band wants to be found

and that’s one thing that makes it all stand out.

I’ve checked out, researched and listened to every band and every artist on this list. Yes, even those 55% I was already familiar with. There are about 70+ acts at this city festival and admit it,  you are a bit overwhelmed how amazing the line-up is. But don’t worry! I handpicked 18 Must-See Acts at Lost In Music 2017 to make it easier for those, who still can’t decide what to see on each day – And of course, this is also for those, who can’t make it to Tampere and just want a cool music recommendation.

The last 6 bands and artists you should check out at this festival are right here! And sorry, Honningbarna, you’re an ultimate must-see as well, but we want to focus on Finnish music this time.


Saturday, 7th October  2017:


Turmion Kätilöt 

Their new album “Dance Panique” was the definition of underwhelming, but you can be sure that their live shows are completely different and overflowing with shock-value. Turmion Kätilöt is a hot recommendation from Maurice, our fellow co-Partner who knows everything about what’s cool in Metal. Well, this band is one of those cool ones. Get ready to dance at 23:45 in Pakkahuone!


Battle Beast

Okay, who hasn’t heard about Battle Beast yet? This female-fronted Heavy Metal band has been pretty much hyped everywhere in the past few months and… Rightly so. This band brings some fierceness back to the genre even though it might fall into the overrated-category for us – But that’s no reason why you shouldn’t check Battle Beast out in Olympia, starting after midnight at 1 am.



For those not familiar with this band and the fact that it’s a new project by Ville Laihiala of Sentenced (RIP) and Poisonblack: No, S-TOOL is a NOT the most unfortunate name for a Tool tribute band. Puns aside and let’s get back to serious business. S-Tool combine aggressive guitar riffs with memorable, almost funky choruses that will stay in your head – Go to Olympia to catch them live at 23:15.


Mara Balls

If this band’s live show will be as sick as this video above, then we got a lot to look forward to! Mara Balls released the second album “Elävä kivi” this year and if you’d like to describe their sound, I think you can’t go wrong with saying it all sounds like a mixture of Punk and Stoner Rock with atmospheric vocals. Music to truly get lost in – at 23:00 in Telakka.



“It’s a bit like PMMP, but Metal.” – That’s what one of our co-Partners said when trying to describe Ikinä. And no, it’s not all too far from the truth. You get two female vocalists and a fine tuned blend of Rock with some Metal elements which make it all sound very up-to-date. And oh, Ikinä also know how to do lyric videos – Just take a look at “Terapiaa“. It would be a shame to miss out on this troupe playing at 20:30 in Olympia.


The Lieblings

The Lieblings has got the attitude to become your new Lieblingsband. You just cannot not love their Power Pop fused songs that make you wish for the summer to return (Okay, this was pretty much the most cliché-sentence I’ve ever written in an article) and… Their music will make you smile. Come to Telakka at 22:00 to find out for yourself!


And with all of this being said, you should have a good insight about what to check out at Lost In Music 2017, taking place in various venues of Tampere. I’ll soon be back with extensive reports from this events. You’ll hear of it.

Peace & Love!


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