6 Must-See Artists at Lost In Music 2017 – Day 2

From Rock, Indie, Metal to Pop and some truly obscure finds… There’s pretty much every genre present at this festival going under the motto “Every band wants to be found

and that’s one thing that makes it all stand out. 

I’ve checked out, researched and listened to every band and every artist on this list. Yes, even those 55% I was already familiar with. There are about 70+ acts at this city festival and admit it,  you are a bit overwhelmed how amazing the line-up is. But don’t worry! I handpicked 18 Must-See Acts at Lost In Music 2017 to make it easier for those, who still can’t decide what to see on each day – And of course, this is also for those, who can’t make it to Tampere and just want a cool music recommendation.

Here are the next 6 bands and artists you shouldn’t miss out on!


Friday, 6th October  2017:

Rain Diary

Some time ago, we’ve featured this single on our web, so I’m sure you haven’t missed out on that. Anyway, Rain Diary is bringing their Dark Wave tunes to Tampere on the second day of Lost In Music and if the song above hasn’t hyped you up yet, then I don’t know what will. Do you know what to expect? We’re not sure, but we’ll make sure to find out for you. Live in Dog’s Home at 10 pm!



I know you haven’t heard of this singer-songwriter before and that’s why you should make sure to check her out. Vesta‘s music is rather minimalistic, but truly mesmerizing and “Kevät” is only one example of her eclectic work. This girl’s attitude makes a bold statement and that reflects on her music. Showtime at 21:45 in Klubi. Keep that in mind!



Friday at Lost In Music is in the sign of Pop and the next artist you should keep on your radar is Iisa, who could be familiar as the vocalist of Regina to some of you. Her latest single “Kun olit nuori” is one fun song to listen to and it’s enough to convince you to stay for her show in Klubi at 23:00.



You non-Finnish people out here will have a hard time pronouncing the name of this Pop/Electronic duo but that doesn’t make their music less irresistible! Kauriinmetsästäjät have released a bunch of singles (one of them featuring Vesta) and you’re very much welcome to take a listen to all of them before their show at Pakkahuone, starting at 22:15.


The Holy 

If you name a song “This Will Be The Day That I Die“, you can be sure that I’ll be willing to check it out. There’s something strangely appealing about the theme of this song and the arrangement just makes this track in particular stand out. The Holy mixes melancholy with big sounds and epic guitar-walls and you can come to check this troupe out at 00:15 in Jack The Rooster.


Satellite Stories 

Satellite Stories is pretty much the hottest Alternative/Indie/Pop/Rock (that’s pretty much the best description of their music) band coming from Finland right now. From catchy melodies and hooks that will make you sing along, this band is a fine example how this genre should sound in the present day. Please, do yourself a favor and go see them. I heard their live shows are pretty amazing too. 00:30 is the time at Klubi!


Enjoying these lists so far? Good. We’ll be back with another very soon again and the Metalheads among you should get prepared – No, I didn’t forget about you! – There might be some Must-See Metal bands as well. Just saying… Smiley face.
Anyway, that’s it for now and you know what to do until the next time. At least I know you what you should do.

Peace & Love!


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