6 Must-See Artists at Lost In Music 2017 – Day 1

From Rock, Indie, Metal to Pop and some truly obscure finds… There’s pretty much every genre present at this festival going under the motto “Every band wants to be found

and that’s one thing that makes it all stand out. 

I’ve checked out, researched and listened to every band and every artist on this list. Yes, even those 55% I was already familiar with. There are about 70+ acts at this city festival and admit it,  you are a bit overwhelmed how amazing the line-up is. But don’t worry! I handpicked 18 Must-See Acts at Lost In Music 2017 to make it easier for those, who still can’t decide what to see on each day – And of course, this is also for those, who can’t make it to Tampere and just want a cool music recommendation.

Here are the first 6/18 bands you shouldn’t miss out on!


Thursday, 5th October 2017:

Wedding Crashers


Oh, look at that! I remember seeing this band live for the first time five years ago in Helsinki and they’ve truly moved forward since that time, which is very nice to see (and hear, of course). Easy-going, yet somewhat shoegaze-ish at times, the trio’s powerful Indie Rock sound will be surely appreciated by any fan of that genre and you can come to check this band out at 8 pm in Klubi.


One Desire

You might want to stay in Klubi for a bit longer, cause the next band that’s gonna play is One Desire and they seem to be quite hot as of right now – Or so a friend of mine said. Fronted by André Linman of Sturm Und Drang fame, this promising Hard Rock output delivers something new to the genre that desperately needed a fresh touch to it. Friendly reminder, they’re playing at 21:00!


Blind Channel

Blind Channel play violent Pop music. Just take a listen to “Alone Against All” above and tell me what you heard. It’s basically a Pop song with modern Metal playing in the background and everything combined works wonders. What else can we expect from this powerhouse from Oulu besides explosive choruses and a catchy hook-lines? A surely impressive live show in Klubi at 22:00.



This band is so up and coming they don’t even have a video up on YouTube yet. But hey, we don’t care cause that’s what Spotify is here for, right? KUUMAA is the band we’ve been waiting for and their latest single “Huuda lujempaa” incorporates everything you want to hear from a young band. Finnish Pop music never sounded more interesting and you have the chance to check it all out for yourself on 5th October at 23:15 in Doris.



Founded in the mid-90s in Kaskinen, Sara has gone from being a Metal band to a solid Alternative Rock act before recently transitioning to a more refined Synthpop sound which we’re very fond of – A band has to develop their sound throughout the years and Sara is on the best way possible. You can expect to see a truly electrifying performance at Jack The Rooster, starting at 11 pm.


Dallas Kalevala

The first single was a ridiculously catchy Indie-Pop-Rock-kinda thing, its B-Side being a clash between Techno, Industrial and some unidentified noises, then finally, the second single turned out to be a total diamond… Dallas Kalevala is an act as unpredictable as life itself. Let’s see what they’ll deliver in Klubi on Thursday, 5th October starting at 00:45.


It seems like we can expect to hear a healthy mix of Alternative tunes on the first day. Make sure to check back soon for the next 6 Must-See acts at the second day of Lost In Music. Until that time… You know what to do!
Peace & Love.

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