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2012 VS 2015
Stratovarius @ Kulturfabrik, Kufstein – Austria

Pictures here, report below.

Yours truly travelled again. This time from SBG to Kufstein. A small city (?) in the Tyrol.
I’ll spare you the details about how I got there and how it almost caused me a nervous breakdown, but well… That’s what you get when travelling with Austrian Railways!
And did you know that photographing concerts several hours after a visit at your dentist can be quite amusing? No? Well, I’m sure you don’t wanna know anyway.

So yeah, the legendary Finnish Power Metal band Stratovarius played in Kulturfabrik on the 13/11/2015.
Together with Divine Ascension (from Australia, probably) and Gloryhammer (from fucking outer space or something).

I don’t remember much from the first supporting act and I think I can live with it.
Then we had the pleasure to see that weird-assed supporting band number two called Gloryhammer. And yes, it was weird.
Necessary to say, that their vocalist looked like Link from The Legend Of Zelda (and kinda sounded like it too).
At that point I started to realize why I actually started to dislike Metal and its fans… And no, don’t ask why I’m still going to Metal shows…

Anyway, let’s get to the real thing now.
The first time I saw Stratovarius was in summer 2012 in Helsinki. It was amazing. Same thing goes for the show in Kufstein three years later.
But why the hell were people more excited to see some ridiculous supporting act than the headliners?
By the time Stratovarius played, the rather small Kulturfabrik went from completely packed to almost half-empty and I was standing in the back, wondering why…
But hey, that didn’t stop anyone from having a great time.

Stratovarius played tracks from their latest album “Eternal” as well as some songs from “Infinite” and “Nemesis” and closed their show with the hit “Hunting High And Low”, leaving the audience once again with an awesome show that even people who aren’t into Power Metal could enjoy.

These Finnish gentlemen could never really impress me with their records, but the shows were always fucking good and I can only recommend it if you want to hear and see something seriously solid.

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Go check it out if you’ll have the chance. You won’t go home disappointed.

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