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Misha had a talk with Carmine Cristallo of Subliminal Fear about their new album “Escape From Leviathan” and the story behind it, the Italian Metal scene and some design.

Here are our 10 Questions to one of the most promising Metal acts of Italy and keep on reading to find out more!


1. Your latest record “Escape From Leviathan” came out in May and its reception was very good. Tell us something about the album’s concept. Is there any background a casual listener should know about but doesn’t?

Hello to all of you! It’s true, we are very satisfied about the new album’s reception. What you will find on “Escape from Leviathan” is not exactly a concept-story but many stories are all linked between them.
Escape from Leviathan” is a metaphor of the escape from our society. It is being imagined like a primordial and evolved creature born to devour and to scare us. The concept talks about a society that guides us and control us with new technologies or fake ideologies.
Humans are not conscious of the evil they do each other and also about society and machines that control them subconsciously. There are also some references about humanity’s impossibility to govern itself.

2. Where do you look for inspiration when songwriting? How was the process with the new album and what influenced you to make this record the way it is?

For inspiration I often use my personal thoughts about the present society, but also I like to cross them with sci-fi elements, mythology or philosophical stuff. The songwriting process for “Escape from Leviathan” started in the beginning of 2014 and it is been quite long cause we decided to evolve our sound to something new and modern. When we started to talk about a new album and I was back in the band, we felt that many things changed along new musical experiences and also there were many new influences that we wanted to include in our music.

We needed to involve something personal in our sound and we worked hard on this. The new album presents modern metal with many influences. Really I don’t like to catalog music, but of course it’s helpful to make understand and describe it to new fans.
For me it’s a perfect mix between melodic and extreme metal and it also shows groove-oriented parts with industrial sounds. I think it can be appreciated by all people that love contaminations in music.

3. “Escape From Leviathan” features Guillaume Bideau (Mnemic), Lawrence Mackrory (Darkane) and Jon Howard (Threat Signal). How did the collaboration go and why did you choose these artists to do guest vocals on the record?

For this album we wanted that all songs were different between them; structures, elements and melodies. We have chosen these guests cause we love their work and bands and also we were thinking to make the song’s personal nature stronger with their features and vocal tones. We are very proud and satisfied with the final result and to have collaborated with them.


4. Your new album was released by the Finnish label Inverse Records – which is really cool, by the way. How did you as an Italian band team up with that label?

We received many offers from labels to release “Escape From Leviathan” but we have chosen Inverse Records cause we know their work with bands very well and their value as a label.
We were thinking that the direction was the right one for us and for the level of the band at the moment. I have to say that thanks to our label the band is growing always more in these months.


5. What do you think about the Italian Metal scene?

Italian scene is really great! I can see good bands around, some of them arrived to have international success and this was not like that before. The big problem for many Italian bands is to play and reach people in our same country. Spaces are few to play and to show your value.  I’m ascertaining it’s more easy to reach people out of Italy and to receive consents. But I still hope…


6. Are webzines, music blogs and similar media still beneficial to bands? What is your opinion regarding that?

I think, of course yes! I didn’t have bad experiences about it! We have received all kind of support and we thank them all!


7. What kind of promotion do you prefer the most? Are you a fan of “old-school” promo methods (stickers, posters, etc.) or is the internet more effective these days?  

Good question, but you can image my answer very easily! We are addicted to all kind of promotion but we prefer modern ones and the internet is a good tool. You can see we are very active on our social pages and we invite to follow all our updates.


8. As a Design Student I’m convinced that the creative direction (aka logo design, artworks, promo pictures, even merch) plays a big part of a band’s success just as their music. What do you think about that?

I completely agree with you! I work in graphic design too and I can’t image the music not being linked to other artistic forms. The band’s image is a main element and the second most important element after the music’s value.
Of course I still think it can be the only good part of your band, but you have to play good music too!


9. What are your musical goals in the future? Is there anything exciting you’d like to share with our readers and your fans?

We are focused on the live aspect of our music and we want to support and promote “Escape from Leviathan” in next months. Also we are planning to play outside of Italy, cause we saw great interest in our music in many countries and we would like to play for all fans there! From next year on we will start to think about new material too, but now it’s too early to talk about it…


10. A question you’d like to ask the next band Your Dead Partner will interview:

Eh eh, I will try to be very bad… “Name 5 Metal bands that you don’t like at all!”

Thanks for this talk! I hope some metalhead would be curious and will come to listen our music. Cheers!

Your Dead Partner says thanks!
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