#MostIconicSongs: Kent

In a few months it’s gonna be a year since Sweden’s most successful Rock band called it quits after 26 years in the business and no, some of us are still not over it. Insert some smiley here.

I’ve chosen the 10 + 3 most iconic songs by Kent – Either as a remembrance, or as a crash-course for those who would like to get familiar with Kent. Whatever you like it to be.

There’s a whole lot of songs by this band that can be labelled as “iconic“, so be prepared to hear the best Kent-playlist ever (according to Your Dead Partner) cause, you know, I picked some ear candy right here. Trust me. And note that the tracks are in no particular order! If there’s something I hate, it’s putting things into numbered lists and numbers themselves. And that’s why I hate the title of the first track.


#1: “747”

They put a Boeing 737 on the cover, thinking it’s called Boeing 747. It’s okay. I’m not good with numbers either. But you know what? Nobody fucking cares about planes here. I can list 747 reasons why this track ended up in this list, but I don’t want you to be still reading this years later, so here’s one of those reasons: The synth you’ll hear throughout the track has something strangely groovy and familiar about it. Also, the instrumental part might drag itself for a way too long, but hey… You’ll eventually get lost in it and that’s what makes this track stand out in its own way.


#2: “Om du var här” / “If You Were Here”

Isola” might be twenty-ish years old, but its lead single is one of the things that just… Doesn’t get old no matter how often you hear it. And if this song won’t get you screaming “Om duuuuuuu var häääääär” (Or “If yooooou were heeeeeere” in case your Swedish sucks) in unison with Jocke Berg, then I don’t know what will.
People who heard this song in my car were asking me if it’s Nirvana though. Okay.


#3: “Gigi”

Taken from Kent‘s last album “Då som nu för alltid“, this track might be the “newest” one on this list. The bold guitar riff and the anthem-like chorus is what makes this song stand out. Let’s say that the lyrics will make you think about certain things too… I’m sorry, “Vi är för alltid“, but this track just kills it on every line. At least in this moment.


#4: “Ensamheten”

If you thought that the guitar riff from the previously mentioned song was something to remember, then the bass drop in “Ensamheten” will blow your mind big times. The variety of styles Kent tried out during the years is truly admirable (some bands should take notes) and “Röd” pretty much showcases their most experimental side. And why do I think that “Ensamheten” is the most underrated Kent-song ever? Everything about this track will hit you right in the spot and… Let’s admit it, this track is irresistible.


#5: “Gamla Ullevi”

I’ll allow myself to say that “Gamla Ullevi” is the most unexpected thing to show up in this list. Actually, nobody at YDP ever expected any track from “En Plats I Solen” to show up here. I actually like this record a lot, but the only tracks that truly stayed in my mind turned out to be “Ismael” and… Yes, “Gamla Ullevi“. You can guess why.

“Jag tänker på dig… Ibland…”


#6: “Dom andra”

It’s no secret that “Dom andra” is ultimatively the most iconic song of this Swedish band. It’s so iconic even Reijo Taipale recorded a Finnish cover and even copied the video – All of that was horrible, btw.
Admit it, you were whistling along during the intro. I know that.


#7: “Beredd på allt”

Yup, the album this song is on is indeed quite… Special… Just as “Beredd på allt“. I’m fascinated by the vibe this song creates. It’s deep, mysterious and it flirts around with the bright as well as the dark side of the band’s music. Just like the entire album. But “Jag är inte rädd för mörkret” still ain’t the first album you should take a listen to if you want to get into Kent‘s music – I’d recommend “Hagnesta Hill” for that matter.


#8: “En himmelsk drog” / “Heavenly Junkies”

Talking about “Hagnesta Hill“, this album just rules in both languages it was recorded in (unlike “Isola“. The English version of “Isola” is just too… I do not know… Too clean. Smiley face.). Now, I know you’d probably expect “Musik Non Stop” and its hot bass line on this list, but hey, “En himmelsk drog” is just much more atmospheric (and underrated). After hearing this track’s English counterpart you’ll probably wonder why Kent never actually broke through outside of Sweden – But some things are meant to stay that way, right?


#9: “Skogarna”

One of the records you shouldn’t touch if you’re not familiar with Kent is “Tigerdrottningen“. Sorry. I think it’s quite an intimidating record at first and it might put you off the band’s previous material for a while and we don’t want that, right? Anyway, “Skogarna” has become a personal favorite throughout the years and rightly so.


#10: “Palace & Main”

The whole concept of the band’s 2005 album “Du & jag döden” is strangely appealing and there’s also something strangely wonderful about “Palace & Main” and its epic chorus that unfolds itself in the most glorious way possible. I won’t be surprised if you fall in love with it. And… Hey, let’s just add three more songs to this list!


#11: “Mannen i den vita hatten (16 år senare)”

This track is what you came for. Or not. You know, I don’t really care. Just listen to the whole album and you’ll get to know the rest of the story.


#12: “Columbus”

There are some songs by Kent I just can’t listen to on a regular basis, one of them being “Den sista sången” off “Då som nu för alltid” and this masterpiece called “Columbus“. I’m an über-emotional person when it comes to music and beautiful melodies, okay? And the lyrics are to die for too. Sorry, non-Swedish speakers and those who are not even familiar with the basics.

Now… Let’s take a listen to the last iconic Kent-song for now – I promise! And it’s NOT “Utan dina andetag“. Who do you think I am?


#13: “Vi kan väl vänta tills imorgon”

Okay, this was a close call between a song from “Vapen & Ammunition” and this one from the band’s 2nd album. It kinda sounds like Radiohead on coke and fits stylistically pretty well between “747” and “Mannen i den vita hatten (16 år senare)“. And now, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard every side of Kent‘s sound. Do you understand why I’m still not over them? No? Also fine.


You can go and listen to the whole playlist by clicking this link. It will lead you to Spotify.
And what’s the next band we should choose #MostIconicSongs from? Have ideas for us? Let us know! Peace!

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